Health Food Imposter!

Tuesday. 2:45 PM. Your cubicle. Meeting with Mr. Peterman in 15 minutes to discuss the latest Weekly Estimate Net Usage Status, or WENUS (shout out to you “Friends” fans out there), report. You’re crashing hard from your lunch 2 hours earlier. You need something quick to perk you up so you head to the vending machine. Your willpower helps you avoid the Snickers and Skittles and you pick a Larabar – Apple Pie flavor. Not an ounce of guilt populates your conscience as you make your way down the hall to conference room B.




Well, sorry to break it to you, but you’re not much better off with that Larabar. Sure, it is A LOT healthier than a Snickers and it is made with whole food ingredients – no preservatives, gluten, etc. It also contains no added sugar. “Added” is the important word here. Just because it has no added sugar doesn’t mean it contains no sugar. In fact, this particular healthy snack contains 18 grams of sugar – roughly 4.5 teaspoons of it. That is more than one Pop Tart, or 3 Oreo cookies, or a chocolate frosted donut from Dunkin. In fact, at only 20 grams of sugar, an actual apple pie from TastyKake isn’t that much worse.

Now, I’m not saying to reach out for some Oreos instead of a Larabar. The Larabar is a better choice since it is made from whole foods. But when it comes to sugar, our bodies don’t care about the source. Once we eat any form of sugar, our bodies respond the same way no matter what. So, in the case of a Larabar, you are setting yourself up for a sugar crash in the near future. Time for another Larabar!
So, what should you eat when you need a quick snack to get you through the afternoon lull? Try some snacks with a higher fat and protein content than carbs and sugar. Reach for some almonds (or any nut, really), Babybel cheese, beef jerky, celery and peanut butter, or a hard boiled egg. These will keep you satiated (full) longer than the glorified candy bar that is the Larabar and they won’t trigger a sugar crash during your commute home. If you need some sweetness in your snack, try some berries or dark chocolate.

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  1. […] Want a sure fire way to not look good naked? Then drink Naked Juice. Naked Juices pride themselves in using whole food ingredients, no added sugars and by packing a lot of fruit and/or veggies in one 15 oz bottle. But looking at the nutrition label on the back, it becomes apparent they are just a glorified soft drink much like how Larabars are glorified candy bars. […]


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