How To Not Look Good Naked

Want a sure fire way to not look good naked? Then drink Naked Juice. Naked Juices pride themselves in using whole food ingredients, no added sugars and by packing a lot of fruit and/or veggies in one 15 oz bottle. But looking at the nutrition label on the back, it becomes apparent they are just a glorified soft drink much like how Larabars are glorified candy bars.

Let’s (skinny)dip into some Naked Juices.

Probably one of the more popular offerings is the Strawberry Banana flavor. One 15 oz bottle contains 44 grams of sugar. That is about 10.5 teaspoons. It’s about 8 grams shy of the 16 oz bottle of Coke. A 16 oz Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks has only 33 grams.

But Naked Juices are made with fruit and veggies right? True, but the way these juices are made strips out any benefit from the fruits themselves. Just about all fruit has fiber that goes along with the sugar. The fiber helps slow down the metabolization of the sugar and it will keep you full longer. In juice form, there is little to no fiber present, so you’re really just getting the sugar component of fruit. Also, since fruit typically has no fat and little protein, a Naked Juice won’t keep full that long if not at all.

On the side of a bottle of Naked Juice, you’ll see a breakdown of all the ingredients contained within. For the strawberry banana variety, you get:

  • 22 strawberries
  • 1.75 apples
  • 1.33 bananas
  • a hint of orange

At first glance you’re probably thinking “Hey, I’m getting all of this fruit in one convenient 15 oz bottle.”

Well, you only getting the juice from all of that fruit. And really, that label should be a red flag. Think about it, can you really sit down and eat 22 strawberries, an apple and a banana in the same amount of time it takes to drink one bottle of Naked Juice? If you can honestly do that, then eat the fruit and pass on the juice.

Yes, Naked Juices also offer some veggie varieties, but they are loaded with sugar as well from the fruit added to make it taste somewhat good. Naked’s Kale Blazer juice has fruit added to make it palatable, because really, raw kale doesn’t taste that good. Anyone who says so is lying. The first ingredient listed on the Kale Blazer bottle is orange juice. You would think Kale would be the #1 ingredient but it’s not. One bottle of Kale Blazer contains 34 grams of sugar, no fiber and very little protein.

In both cases, these juices are setting you up to be hungry and crashing hard in about 2 hours.

So, instead of reaching from something Naked, try the fully clothed versions of fruit and veggies. If you need them to be in juice form, make you’re own smoothies with a small amount of whole fruits and vegetables. Emphasize the vegetables and add a little fruit for some sweetness to help you guzzle down liquified kale.

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