What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Nonfat or skim milk

It’s seems pretty benign. It’s a bottle of nonfat, or skim milk. We used to call this “blue water” because it has a bluish hue to it. It’s been the “go to” milk product since fat was awarded the title as Public Health Enemy #1 about 40 years ago.

As I’ve written about earlier, fat isn’t that bad – as long as it’s from high quality sources. In the case of milk or other dairy, the best types are from cows that have been grass fed or raised on a pasture.

But that’s not what I’m writing about here. What’s wrong with this picture is the phrase “Vitamin A & D Added”. You see, it’s not grammatically correct! It should be “Vitamins A & D Added”.

Ok, that’s not what I’m dwelling on either.

What is really wrong is the fact that they added vitamins A & D in the first place. Why? Well, both vitamins A & D are fat soluble vitamins. Meaning, they require fat to be properly absorbed and metabolized. So, despite being added to the milk, they’re not doing you much good because you need some fat to go along with them in order for your body to take advantage of them.

Also, what’s weird about the fact that these vitamins were added is they are naturally found in whole fat milk. So, in order to make a “healthy” version of milk, the fat is separated from the whole milk and along with the fat, so go the vitamins. Federal law requires the milk has vitamins A and D. So, milk processors re-add the vitamins in order to meet federal standards despite them not adding nutritional value in the end.

The Primal Blueprint embraces fat – as long as it comes from natural, high quality sources. For milk, I recommend buying the whole variety from local farms that raise their cattle on the pasture. If you don’t have access to local milk from pastured cows, you can find Organic Valley milk in most grocery stores. If you want an extra treat, try heavy whipping cream in your coffee. Once you do, you may find it hard to go back to your standard creamer.

While we’re at, this is the perfect opportunity to say you should not be scared to add that pat of butter to your veggies. Not only does it make them taste better, it helps with absorption of vitamins contained within. Bonus tip – try cooking veggies in some bacon grease.

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