About Me

My name is Sean. I am a very proud husband and father of two living in the Philadelphia suburbs and working in the information technology industry. I am extremely new to the paleo/primal/ancestral health community.

I wouldn’t say I’ve struggled with my weight. When I was young, I was actually pretty scrawny. By junior high I started to fill out. In high school I lifted weights and bulked up pretty good with some lean muscle. Freshman year of college, I fell victim to the “freshman fifteen”. The all you can eat meal plan was pretty awesome. Internships in sedentary jobs led to more weight gain. All this time I wasn’t too worried about it.

After graduation, I lived by myself in an apartment in Philadelphia. I had no car, so I had to walk everywhere. I quickly go back down to a normal weight. I attribute this solely on the walking. I wasn’t the best eater, but I had to walk to get some decent tasting take-out.

I eventually moved out of the city and got a car. No more walking everywhere I had to go.

This, coupled with some stressful jobs, I gained weight. I tried a couple strategies to shed off those extra pounds. But, the typical eat less, move more plans showed limited results and I always felt deprived and that I had a chore to do (exercise)

I’ve heard about The Paleo Diet several years ago but was immediately turned off by the fact that grains, sugar and dairy are strictly forbidden. I didn’t research it any further solely because of that fact. So, I never learned the benefits of those restrictions.

About a year ago, on my way to work, I heard Mark Sisson on the Art of Manliness podcast promoting his latest book “Primal Endurance”. A main tenant of that book is becoming a fat burner, as opposed to a sugar burner. I was immediately intrigued by this concept and Mark made so much sense describing the science behind it. I immediately downloaded the audio book to listen to on the way home.

Instead of focusing on what I shouldn’t be eating, I learned the benefits of eating the right kinds of food. Grains and especially sugar are the main culprits in weight gain and eliminating these foods will, not to sound like a diet supplement commercial, melt the pounds away.

Instead of adopting the paleo diet, I subscribe to Mark Sisson’s Primal lifestyle. I dipped my toe into it last summer and by the fall I was all in. Since then I’ve dropped 20 pounds, have more energy, never having that “starving” feeling and my cravings are minimal.

I’ve adopted as much as possible from the Primal lifestyle, but, having a full time job, young kids, a house to maintain, a dog, it is extremely difficult to fit in all its pillars. My goal is to show others how to make Primal fit you and your life.